Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Pricing structures vary based on the depth of editing required, and length of the project. Per word pricing may apply in one case, but per page pricing may be more suitable for another. Bulk pricing is also available. I prefer to consult with clients, determine need, and quote each project accordingly.  

How will we exchange the project?

I'm pretty flexible in how we send and receive projects.  Email, Dropbox, and Google Docs work great. I am also happy to use snail mail if you desire, but shipping and handling charges may apply. I can edit manually or electronically depending on your desires and the needs of the project.

How do I get a quote?

Simply send an email indicating your interest and outlining your project.  I have a list of questions for potential clients to determine the size of the project, the depth of my involvement, etc. I'm happy to exchange that by email initially, then we can progress to phone appointments as needed.

Will I have to submit my entire manuscript for a quote?

Unless your project is one page or less, I will only need to examine a portion to determine the depth of editing needed to accomplish your goals. For book manuscripts, the first chapter is usually sufficient. One to three pages should be enough for shorter projects. 

Why should I use The Write Editor?

I am a professional. Not only am I an editor, I am an award-winning writer. With 23 years' experience in print media, you will benefit from my knowledge and experience. I am happy to serve as a writing coach while I critique your work. I will be honest, encouraging and sensitive as we discuss your project. I will NEVER use red ink!

More questions?

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