Released April 2017 / Selah Award Winner May 2018

Spiritual Prepper: Tapping into Overlooked Prophecies to Prepare You for Doomsday

by Jake McCandless

  “I am a full-time writer today because of Rita Thomas. Her editing of my manuscript for Spiritual Prepper got it picked up by an agent and big-time publisher. Her edits allowed my articles to be published on the largest Christian website in the world which is viewed by 8 million visitors a month. Rita’s background in the newspaper business will help you write tighter and more pointed than you think possible.” – Jake McCandless, Author  

Jake McCandless is an award-winning author, speaker, former pastor, and founder of Prophecy Simplified and Stand Firm Ministries.

To learn more about Jake, this book, or his ministry, visit his websites at:  www.prophecysimplified.com


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Lora Jones Ministries

"I enjoy working with Rita Thomas.  Her inspired words gave me the courage to pen my story onto the written page for the first time.


Rita supports me in every step of the writing process. She encouraged me to keep writing, worked with me to write my book proposal, connected me to the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference, and introduced me to people who could help me take steps toward publishing.  


I look forward to completing this process with Rita. She is always excited and willing to help.  We are prayerfully committed to completing this book together."  - Lora Jones, Lora Jones Ministries

To learn more about Lora, her ministry, and her extraordinary story, visit her website at: